History 102: History of the United States Post Civil War

This course provides an introduction to the important events and leading themes of Post-Civil War U.S. History through to the present. The study of history is the study of different stories and different perspectives. This class covers a great deal of time and space, so we can cover only some of the many events, periods and important issues relevant to U.S. history. This course, therefore, cannot be comprehensive, but is meant as a starting point to introduce students to topics that they may want to pursue further on their own. We will look at different ways to consider the past—political, social, cultural or economic. The primary objective of this course is to develop and expand the historical literacy of its participants. This does not mean rote memorization of names and dates. Rather, it involves interacting with historical content to extract from it larger meaning and significance. Historical inquiry is an active pursuit that is meant to be engaged by those who study it. The benefits of such an approach offer students not only a keener understanding of American history, but the enhancement of critical skills applicable far beyond the scope of this class.